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Life isn't about money, but money certainly impacts our life.

One reason it's so hard to talk about money is because everyone acts like they have it under control. Sadly, the reality is that even when we look successful, we are often still struggling or unorganized financially. 


It doesn't have to be like that anymore.

Founded in 2021, The Financial School's mission is to solve this problem by providing remote financial coaching services to individuals and couples. We can help you pay off debt, increase your savings, and reach short and long term financial goals. If there are any gaps in your understanding of how to approach your finances, we are there to teach and empower you. 

A productive coaching relationship has an expiration date. The goal of coaching is to lead you to financial independence, confidence, and success. If you're ready to learn, we are here for it. 

The Teacher: 

NORAH KEARNEY, Founder and Financial Coach

After earning a Financial Coaching certificate from Ramsey Solutions in 2021, Norah launched The Financial School. With a Masters in Teaching degree and years of experience in the classroom, Norah treats every coaching session like a personalized lesson. Clients can expect to end their coaching calls with a deep understanding of financial concepts and a clear action plan. 



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