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What is Financial Coaching?

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Your financial coaching sessions will feel like your favorite class-- except there's no dumb questions, and you'll actually learn something that you'll use in real life.


Any kid who went to school knows that having a good teacher is almost as important as having academic talent. A good teacher knows when to push you, builds up your confidence, and ultimately guides you to win. You'll never see a teacher grab a student's test and take the exam on their behalf. That wouldn't do the student any good.

At The Financial School, we believe that coaching should mirror these same attributes. Read below to find out more:

You Have Agency

First, you're in the driver's seat. Your values and goals are the priority.

At The Financial School, being force-fed one particular money philosophy isn't on the syllabus.

Money's Not the Only Thing You'll Talk About

One thing coaching focuses on is improving financial behavior. Often times, the reason we overspend, hoard, or waste money has nothing to do with cash at all.

In coaching sessions, you'll aim to get to the root of your financial shortcomings. Once you understand your behavior, you'll be one step closer to making a change that sticks.

Beware: You might see some radical changes in your life.

After even one session, coaching clients will often find a new side-gig, pay off debt that's been hanging around for years, or make serious lifestyle adjustments.

What change will you make? When you feel inspiration, it's best to just run with it.

The great thing about a coaching session is it will leave you feeling motivated, and you can tap into that motivation any time you book a new session.

Q & A

Do I need to know a lot about money to benefit from coaching?

Nope! Clients might have a background working in finance, or they might have no idea what they are doing with money. Your coaching sessions will be catered to your particular level of understanding.

What kinds of problems could coaching help me with?

Do I need a coach if I am doing well financially?

How long / often will I attend financial coaching sessions?

Written by: Norah Kearney

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